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Nunney Castle Ruins is a remarkable landmark. Walk the grounds and feel the spooky spirits of the past watching over you as you wander through their lands. The dead may be gone, but their spirits and mark of history is still here watching from the walls of Nunney Castle.

  • Date: 08/10/2020 20:30
  • Location: Castle Hill, Nunney, Frome, UK (Map)



We will meet in the car park, where we will require some forms to be signed regarding Covid-19 we require your names and addresses during this part.  We will also have hand sanitizers available  throughout this event. We require you to wear your masks, along with keeping 2 meters distance from others. This investigation will be in 2 groups to keep the numbers down and easy to keep social distanced. We will have team members explain any details you may like to know. We will go through protocols with you on the event evening.

Nunney Castle was built near the village of Nunney in Somerset by Sir John Delamare. Delamare had been a soldier during the Hundred Years War with France, where he had made his fortune. He obtained a licence to crenelate from Edward III to build a castle on the site of his existing, unfortified manor house in 1373 and set about developing a new, substantial fortification. The resulting castle centred on a stone tower-keep, measuring 60 feet by 24 feet (18 m by 7 m) internally and 54 feet (16 m) tall, with four round corner-towers. The tower-keep had eight-foot (2.4 m) thick walls made from Lias Oolite ashlar stone and was designed around three floors. The ground floor of the tower-house included the kitchen and other service areas. The functions of the first and second floors are uncertain; one theory is that the first floor was another service area, with the hall on the second floor; another approach argues that the first floor formed the hall, and the second floor living accommodation; a minority view proposes that the first floor was an armory. The third floor was used as living accommodation for the owning family. The original design had a number of windows and fireplaces on the upper floors, but the hall would have been relatively dark and the stairs were inconveniently narrow.

This castle is said to house a number of spirits from its lengthy past.

Tonight you will have the opportunity to join in with investigations, do Ouija Board, use equipment, calling out, sitting alone or in 2's. and much more.

Please dress accordingly to the weather and please bring your own food and drinks, as we are unable to provide these on investigations due to covid pandemic.

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