This course offers 8 sections and --- Lessons You will learn 1. Equipment 2. How and When to use Equipment 3. Types of Spirits and how to distinguish between them 4. Types of Orbs and their meanings 5. How to find haunted locations 6. How to research haunted locations 7. Visiting haunted locations 8. Interviewing people about hauntings 9. Significant dates/times 10. Safety whilst investigating 11. Explaining safety to teams 12. Become a leader 13.Helping other groups 14.Own your own company 15. Insurance 16. Team building 17. Build a website 18. Advertising yourself After completion of this course you will have a test based upon everything you have learnt. The test must have an 80% pass rate on it. You may take the test as many times as needed. Once you pass the test, you will receive your certificate.

Course Content

The Course includes

8 Sections

9 Lessons