Shopping for equipment

Philips Voicetracer Audio Recorder for Lectures And Interviews DVT4110, 8GB, Smartphone-App (Androis/Ios)
Voice Recorder or EVP - is the recording of otherworldly voices onto tapes, reel-to-reels and other types of recording equipment.  

SODIAL KII K2 Electromagnetic Field EMF Gauss Meter Ghost Hunting Detector
EMF or K-II Meters - Ghost hunters use to look for spikes in the EMF signal, with the spikes suggesting a change in electrical current, and thus a spirit being.

Camcorder 4k Video Camera, ORDRO HD 1080P 60FPS Vlog Camera IR Night Vision Video Recorder WiFi Camcorder with Microphone, LED Light, Wide Angle Lens, Handheld Holder, Carrying Case and 32GB SD Card
Camcorder - These are used widely by ghost hunting teams across the globe. These can see what we can't see at the time of recording and often bring brilliant results in the paranormal investigations.

Spiritpod X1S Ghost Hunting Equipment Detector Rempod Rem Pod Kii EMF Meter
Spiritpod - These are used to detect the presence of other worldly beings. These are used by most investigations across the world.

Ghost Hunting Full Spectrum Action Camera
Go-Pro Camera - These are great for active ghost hunting when you have to move fast across haunted lands.

Rempod Bear EMF Meter Kii K-ii Rem Pod K2 Detector Ghost Hunting Static Trigger
BOO Bear - These are brilliant to use on investigations, you can use the BOO Bear to attract young spirits to it and thus getting perfect evidence. 

Thermal Imaging Camera-Handheld Infrared Camera with Real-Time Thermal Image,Infrared Image Resolution 120 x 160-Temperature Measurement Range -20°C-300°C,IR Thermal Imager,Hti-Xintai
Thermal Imaging Camera - These can see the cold spots that other worldly beings show. It's said that spirits are cold and can drop temperature down by as much as 10 degrees.

WICCSTAR Large ouija board game with planchette and detailed instruction. A3 size.
The Ouija Board - is extremely dangerous to use if you don't understand it. We recommend only using with the professionals, a ghost hunting cardinal rule is that you NEVER use the Ouija Board ALONE.