Terms and Conditions.

30th September 2020 last updated

Us: means any of the Findings Haunting team
Our/We: means Findings Haunting


Investigations are for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee any activity or the truth or validity of any information obtained on the night through our investigations, including mediums, experiments or other activities.


  • No refunds will be given within seven days of the investigation, though this does not affect your statuary rights
  • Two weeks’ notice required for full refund
  • All tickets are individual to the person, and cannot use again for other investigations
  • If you turn up without invoice or proof of purchase. You may not be able to join in

Investigation Rules

  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and pre-approved by us
  • No drinking alcohol prior or during an investigation
  • If found that you are under the influence of unsubscribed drugs, you will be asked to leave the investigation immediately without a refund
  • Bringing people with you who have not paid for the investigation will not be allowed on the investigation, unless they have been pre-approved by us
  • Phones must be turned off or put on silent, though we do encourage you to record the investigation, like an EVP, as you may pick up sounds that we my miss
  • Please don’t wander off by yourself unless given permission to do so, as we need to be aware where everyone is
  • If you are asked to leave the location, you must do this straight away in an orderly fashion
  • Anyone causing an upset by acting in an inappropriate manner will have to leave, we are a fully inclusive group. See About us for more details
  • Any damage to the location or to our property, you are likely to be charged for the cost of damage
  • You must take note of all safely briefing
  • We can’t be liable for loss or damage to any items you bring to an investigation
  • You must bring suitable clothing including footwear for the location and weather conditions. We could be in a cold muddy outdoor location. Some locations may have uneven floor, staircases and walking around in the darkness
  • We ask that anyone with heart complaints, nervous dispositions, pregnant, mobility problems or any person who has had a recent bereavement, let us know before our investigation. Two of our team are disabled, so you be well looked after, but we would like to know before hand
  • You will be asked to sign a disclaimer form on the evening of the investigation and attending will be at your own risk. No liability for any injury or illness will occur as a result
  • We may use a Ouija Board at some investigations. If this is the case your will be asked to sign a consent form before you can join this group
  • You will be responsible for making your own way to and from the investigation and any accommodation if applicable
  • We film and record investigations and may add some of the recordings along with pictures to our website and other publicity.  If you do now want to be included in this, you must inform one of our team before the investigation starts. If you do not inform us, then it is taken that you have given your consent
  • We have the right to change an investigations details at short notice, due to circumstances out of your control
  • Small refreshments may be provided at our investigations such as tea, coffee, juices and biscuits, if the investigation plans to lasts more than 4 hours, and following any government guidelines. We encourage you to bring your own refreshments if you so wish. As some locations may not having electricity. You can bring your own flask with hot drinks inside. These must be left in our base room and not brought around the location with you, so to keep noise to a minimum



  • Any Testimonials submitted to us, will be vetted before we publish them
  • We may change the text of your testimonial, this will only happen, if we think it needs changing to read better



  • All physical products on our site are brought through a third-party site. Any issues mots be taken up with the vendor, though we would like to know about any issues, as we may remove them or update them

VIP Packages

  • The coast of any package is on top of the cost of the investigation
  • A package can be used for any investigation
  • Each package is only applicable for one person, for one event
  • Packages are not refundable, but this does not affect your statuary rights