Types Of Spirits/Ghosts

Intelligent Haunting - Is a type of haunting where the spirit/ghost is aware you are there. They can communicate with you by answering questions you ask, by doing this you would use voice recorders, spirit box, knocking on walls, and moving trigger objects. 

Orbs - These are a glisten of light, or sphere shape light we usually see in still pictures or videos. They will move in different directions, disappearing through walls or even through objects and people.

Poltergeist - In ghost lore, a poltergeist is a type of spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances, they create loud noises and can move or even destroy objects. Poltergeist is a German word, meaning "noisy spirit or ghost" they can also be responsible for hitting, and biting people, as well as tripping people.

Residual Hauntings/Stone tape theory - This type of haunting is known as a haunting that is on a loop, meaning the spirit doesn't know your there, and they don't know they have passed away, they will usually be seen or heard at the same time and same place each day, week, month, or year. They are on a loop of what their life was before passing away. 

Shadow Person - Also known as a shadow figure, human shape, or black mass. Usually you would see out the corner of your eye. They can make your emotions run high, from being sad to feeling overwhelmed.